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Headstart - Parent Information

Welcome to Headstart for Kindergarten 2022. Due to the current climate, we are starting Headstart with the current COVID-19 guidlines set by the Department of Education, however, these guidlines may change.


Session 1 - Wednesday 17th of November 2021

Session 2 - Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Session 3 - Wednesday 1st of December 2021

For more information please see the flyer attached Headstart for Kindergarten 2022



Due to the current COVID-19 guidlines set by the Department of Education, we are unable to welcome the parents of Kindergarten students for 2022. Please enjoy our virtual parent information session in the video below. 



For information on Uniform Shop opening at the Surf Club for Kindergarten Transition 2022 Click Here

Kindergarten resources for parents and carers

The ‘Helping your child with literacy and numeracy at home’ booklet has been created for parents, carers and families of children in the early years of school. The activities in the booklet are designed for parents to support their child’s first year of learning at school. They are fun and engaging and are linked to key foundational early learning skills.
The activities cover the areas that are assessed in the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment. When conducting feedback sessions with parents after the assessment, specific activities can be suggested to engage and support students at home. 
Practical games are included in the following areas: 

  • Speaking and listening
  • Reading
  • Drawing and writing
  • Numbers and counting
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Identifying and creating patterns.

The 'Helping your child with literacy and numeracy at home' will connect parents and carers with an on-demand opportunity to:

  • download the booklet to their computer at home
  • listen to the booklet audio recording
  • watch videos created to support the booklet
  • download a version of the booklet - The booklet is available in 35 different languages. Please contact the school if you would like the booklet in another language.

In addition, the Handwriting in the early years guide for parents and carers provides guidance and activities for children in the early years.
You can access these resources via the literacy and numeracy resources for parents and carers webpage.

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