Copacabana Public School

Effort Earns Success

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The P&C are here to promote the interest of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and staff together into close co-operation.  We support the school in any way we can.  We assist the school by providing equipment and facilities from the proceeds of our fundraising activities.  We encourage parents and carers to attend our meetings and play an active role in their child's welfare at school.

Basically, we are parents who get together and have a chat!  Our Principal comes along and presents the Principal's Report which is great because we get to know what is happening at the school and if we have any questions we can ask.  It is a great way to get together, meet other people and discuss our wonderful school.


2021 Commitee

President - Lucy Wenzke

Vice President - Charlotte Morgan and David Muscat

Treasurer - Marlene Dickinson

Secretary - Linda Spedding

General Executive - Matt Barrett

                                    - Jodi Blanchfield

                                    - Lauren Gencur

                                    - Michelle Griffiths

                                    - Kristy Kirkman

                                    - Michela Thompson

Uniform Coordinator - Becky Crumpler & Gemma Price

Canteen Supervisor - Kim Blom



So what do we do as the P&C during the year?  We organise a few fundraising activities during the year to raise money to help the school with the purchase of items such books, technology and equipment.  We also contribute to excursions to make the load a bit easier for parents.  A few of these fundraising activities are:

- Mothers Day & Fathers Day Stalls

- Athletics Carnival BBQ

- School Fete

- School Disco


P&C Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month (excluding school holidays) so please come along and join us, we would love to see some news faces!


Any questions or inquiries direct to: